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12 Jul 2017

Preventative Auto Maintenance Service Crucial to Car Performance


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Posted By Joshua E.

If there's anything that may be just a little too effortless to take for granted, it's a well-behaved vehicle. We get so accustomed to just turning the key and dashing off that when something goes wrong, it's quite a shock. All too often, we don't take into consideration all that it takes to have our cars running smoothly, and, unfortunately, forget to take care of the many simple points of maintenance that can be so vital to a healthy set of wheels. Needless to say, the trouble with ignoring the small problems is that they become big problems eventually and inevitably; and therefore the real crime is how often these problems could have been prevented with timely, inexpensive, and basic maintenance at a good auto repair shop.

The best thing that you can do for your car is to find a repair shop that you trust and set up a regular auto maintenance service schedule in line with the age and mileage of your car and the manufacturers ideas for your make and model. You'll likely start with the basics including oil and filter changes, keeping an eye on fluid levels, and making sure your tires are regularly rotated and in good condition.

After that, a good repair shop will let you know when you should come in for the more sophisticated aspect of car maintenance such as: making sure that your timing belt is replaced at the proper time, ensuring that your belts and hoses are in good shape and shoe no warning signs of tearing or breaking, checking the status of fuel pumps and fuel injectors, and other such upkeep.

Make sure that the repair shop you choose is equipped to carry out more complex procedures that include computer diagnostics and electrical testing, and if it is a foreign car, take the time to find a shop that works with your brand, as there are many substantial differences between European and US-made cars. While dealer shops are, naturally, equipped to take care of their makes and models, there are many independent garages that have the same equipment and can do the same quality work, and frequently for cheaper.

After the visits to your auto maintenance repair shop, of course, there are a few things that you should be able to keep an eye on yourself, such as making sure that you have enough oil, transmission and radiator fluid, and that your tires are inflated properly.

Regardless of what kind of car you have, responding to these maintenance items will increase its longevity and reliability, helping you make the most our of your investment.

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