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How to Change Your Brake Fluid

Has it been a while since you last changed your cars brake fluid? If so, you may want to give your car some attention on that. To help keep your car running smoothly, and out of the shop you will want to make sure you give your car the attention and maintenance it needs. Changing your cars brake fluid is a very important part in how your vehicle runs.

  • 17 Jul 2017

Your Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to winter driving. While safety should be on your mind whenever you drive, during winter it is especially important. If your vehicle is not running well, you could end up abandoned in the cold if it breaks down.

  • 30 Jun 2017
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6 Jul 2017
Posted By Bret H.

Automatic Car Transmissions 101

It is interesting to note that most automatic car's manuals say that you do not have to change the transmission fluid regularly. This is not true though since a lot of car owners are going to the mechanic to have their burned out automatic transmissions fixed. Make it a point that you change your transmission fluid and your car once you hit 30,000 miles to be sure that your car is well maintained. This article will help you to discover some things about your automatic car transmission.
15 Jul 2017
Posted By Rebekah E.

Car Maintenance Tips for Long Trips

Nothing puts a damper on a road trip like an auto breakdown. While accidents and other unforeseen events can create delays, it is possible to minimize the chances of breaking down by practicing some basic car maintenance before leaving on your trip. You should also continue that maintenance while on your trip. Some of this can be done yourself, while other tasks may require a trained mechanic.
12 Jul 2017
Posted By Joshua E.

Preventative Auto Maintenance Service Crucial to Car Performance

If there's anything that may be just a little too effortless to take for granted, it's a well-behaved vehicle. We get so accustomed to just turning the key and dashing off that when something goes wrong, it's quite a shock. All too often, we don't take into consideration all that it takes to have our cars running smoothly, and, unfortunately, forget to take care of the many simple points of maintenance that can be so vital to a healthy set of wheels.
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11 Jul 2017
Posted By Elva J.

How to Find Auto Parts Online?

For mechanics and auto part dealers searching for auto parts the internet is perhaps the best resource that can be used. There is no more need to search junk yards or wait in lines at the local auto parts store searching for used parts. Knowing how and where to search for an auto part will save you time and frustration. There are already many auto part dealers, mechanics, and even consumers using the internet to locate auto parts with good success.
8 Jul 2017
Posted By Roman C.

Automotive Tools Needed For Any Vehicle

I just turned 17 and had bought my first car. I was ecstatic. I finally had my own set of wheels. I didn't have to depend on anyone for a ride anymore. I was all ready to hop in and take off until my dad told me to slow down that we needed to talk. My heart dropped, I just knew he was going to start telling me all these new rules. Well, he told me to come outside with him. I followed him out to the car. He told me having a car comes with responsibilities. I groaned; here would start the lecture.
29 Jul 2017
Posted By Fina H.

Car Repair 101: A Woman's Guide to Changing Tires

Whether you're on your way to a hot date or going home after a long, tiring day, what could be worse than having your car break down in some place, only to discover that you have a flat tire? Before you begin to panic, take a deep breath and try your best to calm down since obviously, nothing can help you but yourself, unless of course if you're in the middle of the city where mechanics are just a call away.